Postpartum Depression

Expectations of a baby can bring amazing feelings, but it also can bring disruptive feelings. Maybe you have wanted this baby for so long, or maybe you had indifferent feelings when you became pregnant. Regardless of the feelings associated with your pregnancy, postpartum depression can occur and is very common among mothers.

Many people experience “baby blues”, including symptoms of mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, crying, a decrease in concentration, and trouble sleeping (even when the baby is sleeping). This typically lasts days to weeks.

Postpartum depression is a more intensified version of the baby blues and lasts longer. The symptoms may also include loss of appetite, intense irritability and anger, overwhelming exhaustion (this occurs in mother’s without postpartum depression when baby is not sleeping for long periods of time in a row), lack of joy in things once enjoyed, guilt, shame, inadequacy, severe mood swings, possible withdrawn from the baby, family and/or friends.

Some people that experience postpartum may have thoughts of harming themselves, others, and/or their baby. If you are having any of these thoughts, it is important that you contact a professional or the crisis response at 509-783-0500.

If you are feeling these symptoms, do not hesitate to call to see if counseling is a good idea for you.

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